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What Is IPing?

Until now, neighborhood-targeting resources have been limited primarily to cold calling lists or direct mail. With IPing, you can deliver a customized, digital message DIRECTLY to the homeowners you are targeting. We call it “digital door knocking.” You’ll call it a powerful, dynamic way to secure conversation-ready leads.

Why IPing?

The power of IPing is that it provides targeting accuracy, but without the hard costs and disposable nature of traditional direct mail. Now, instead of reaching a household once with a direct mail piece, you can connect with a targeted homeowner 20+ times in a month using RAD’s exclusive IPing targeting model.

How IPing Works?

IPing is a dynamic innovation in neighborhood targeting offered exclusively by RAD. Here’s how it works:

  1. YOU provide RAD with a list of at least 3,000 homeowner addresses you want to target.
  2. RAD matches the physical homeowner’s address to the computer’s IP address (in that home). NOTE: Nationally, we are able to match at least 50% of provided addresses.
  3. RAD creates and delivers a targeted message directly to the homeowners you want to target.
  4. YOU upload ad details into a simple-to-use template. IPing translates that information into 5 standard digital advertising display units. NOTE: RAD recommends changing ads every 30-45 days.
  5. YOU approve all ads before IPing launches program.
  6. RAD provides full range of metrics including an option to “match back” those who saw your ads to those leads who called, visited your website or resulted in a transaction

Discover how digital door knocking with IPing can transform your lead generation process.

Is IPing Right For You?



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